Experience of use Arthro Lab

Experience of using Mary from Kaunas city

Monodose Arthro Lab relieved Maria from Kaunas from knee pain

My name is Maria, I live in Kaunas (Lithuania). I suffered for a long time with morning pain in my knees, until the doctor diagnosed arthrosis. This is an insidious disease that progresses rapidly and makes life very difficult. In the early years, I successfully relieved exacerbations with conventional analgesics, but soon I was faced with their negative effect on the stomach. For a long time I was not treated, but suffered pain, and this led to a worsening of the situation. I have already resigned myself that long walks are contraindicated for me because of sore knees, until my friend advised a natural remedy. I am very pleased with this drug, so I want to share my experience of use and leave my review.

Description of the drug

I chose Arthro Lab due to the fact that it does not contain harmful chemical compounds. I carefully studied the composition: all components are completely absorbed by the body and are necessary for the construction of cartilage.

I made an order on the official website and two days later I picked up Arthro Lab at the post office. I did not pay anything in advance, I paid for the parcel directly at the post office. Everything arrived safe and sound.

Arthro Lab is a cardboard box with a logo, inside are plastic ampoules with liquid contents - mono doses. This form of release is very convenient, because the product is easy to take with you - the contents will not spill, since the mono doses are tightly closed.

How I took Arthro Lab

Photo of monodose Arthro Lab for joint restoration

Before drinking the first monodose, I carefully studied the instructions for use. The manufacturer has detailed how to use monodoses. The package must be opened, and the contents must be drunk with water or in pure form. I took one ampoule every day for a month, as written in the instructions.

What I want to note:

  • Arthro Lab has little or no taste;
  • easy to drink without water;
  • does not cause side effects;
  • does not affect the stomach.

I took it sometimes before meals, sometimes after, and sometimes on an empty stomach - I did not notice any effect on the stomach.

When the effect came

I took the remedy for two days, every day I drank one single dose. On the third day in the morning I woke up and noticed that it was easier to get out of bed. I'll make a reservation right away - I didn't expect a quick effect, since the composition contains natural ingredients, and they need time to accumulate in the body.

Result by week:

  • 1 week - mobility improved, joints almost did not swell;
  • 2 week - forgot about morning pains and swelling of the knees;
  • 3 week - it became better to endure walking;
  • 4 weeks - the movement improved, I finally forgot about the pain.

Around the middle of the course, I began to spend more time on my feet and walk more. In the first weeks, I still heard a specific creak in my knees, which happens with arthrosis, but by the end of the course of admission, not a trace remained of it.

Let me summarize: with the help of a monodose, I managed to forget about pain, swelling and stiffness of movements. I am not sure that I have completely cured arthrosis, so I ordered another course to consolidate the effect. Now I plan to take the drug every six months for prophylaxis, because with Arthro Lab I feel young and healthy again.